Healing Touch

Healing Touch is an integrative medicine therapy where practitioners use their hands above the body or by lightly touching the body to support physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.  It’s different from massage because there is little to no pressure applied to the body and clients are fully clothed. The non-invasive techniques allow a practitioner’s hands to clear, energize and balance the human energy system to facilitate health and healing. The goal of Healing Touch is to restore balance and harmony to the body to encourage self-healing.  

healing touch can:

  • Reduce pain

  • Accelerate postoperative recovery

  • Improve mobility after surgery

  • Decrease anxiety, tension, and stress

  • Provide symptom relief during chemotherapy and radiation therapy

  • Reduce the effects of trauma, chronic pain

  • Lead to shortened hospital stays

  • Ease the dying process

Healing Touch Program is the only energy medicine program that is accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) and the National Commission for Credentialing Agencies (NCCA). Accrediting organizations create and use specific standards to assure that programs meet expectations of quality and that they improve over time. The Healing Touch Program has met the 21 standards required by the NCCA. For more information about the Healing Touch Program, visit healingtouchprogram.com.